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7,000 people caught on video throwing tomatoes at each other

By Mason White 4:40 AM February 20, 2013
War of the tomato event 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Thousands of people turned out for a throwing tomatoes at each other event, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The event was the third annual “Tomato War” held in the Chilean city of Quillon.

In a take on of the famous tomato festival in Bunol, Spain, more than 40 tons of tomatoes were used by the participants during the fight.
“It is a relaxation event for family and friends. It’s a fun experience,” Paulina Escares, one of the combatants in the battle of tomatoes, said.

In total, about 7,000 people participated in the battle of tomatoes.
One participant, Johnny Gonzalez, said there was more than enough tomatoes for the fight.
“I had a lot of tomatoes to throw. I brought along a kilo, and that’s aside from the 45 tonnes that they had,” he said.

Local producers of tomato supplied the fruits of their labor for the event, in order to raise the national profile of local harvest.
“These tomatoes were not for sale. We were not wasting food. These are the tomatoes that were never going to be sold,” one participant explained.

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