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Rapper Jim Jones arrested after not shoveling snow outside his home

By Mason White 6:41 PM February 20, 2013

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A popular rapper had a run in with a police officer and ended up under arrest, according to police reports in New Jersey.

Fair Lawn resident and rap mogul Jim Jones, was arrested Wednesday after he went over the line with a police officer who was handling a complaint in front of his home, police said.

Jones, whose real name is Joseph, was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction for refusing to peacefully resolve two outstanding arrest warrants, police said.

Sergeant James Corcoran was in the process of having an illegally car parked blocked by snow outside Jones’s house towed, when Jones approached him to ask what he was doing, police said.
According to police reports, Jones agreed to move the vehicle off the road and pay the towing fee.

However, when Corcoran proceeded to run Jones’ name in the police database he found two warrants out for arrest, one for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and one for for not removing snow from a sidewalk.

When Corcoran asked Jones to go with him to the police headquarters to solve both active orders, Jones denied its existence, became disorderly and tried to walk away as the sergeant was placing him under arrest, according to reports police.

As a result of his lack of cooperation, Jones was arrested and taken into police custody. He was later released on bail for outstanding warrants. This is not the first time the rapper was arrested. Recently, Jones was arrested after being involved in a casino brawl in Connecticut.

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