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Woman sues psychologist after son was killed during recommended visitation with father

By Mason White 6:33 AM February 21, 2013
Prince McLeod Rams 

By: Eva Fett
A child was killed during a psychologist recommended visitation session with his father, according to a new lawsuit filed in Maryland court.

The mother of a 15-month-old boy who was murdered during a court-ordered visit with his father filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the psychologist who supported the visitation sessions.

Hera McLeod of Gaithersburg, Maryland, filed the $20 million lawsuit in Fairfax County, Virginia, against Ashburn Psychological Services and against psychologist Margaret Wong, alleging professional negligence resulting in the wrongful death of her son, Prince McLeod Rams.

McLeod said at a press conference that Wong was instrumental in the decision of a judge to grant unsupervised visits to the father of Prince, Joaquin Rams.

Prince was murdered during the fourth visit and last month, Joaquin Rams was charged with murder by prosecutors in Prince William County, Virginia. Officials taken out life insurance policies on the son totaling over $500,000.

McLeod objected to turn her child over to unsupervised visits on concerns that he would be in danger. She said that the psychologist ignored clear warning signs that the father was dangerous, including testimony at custody hearings that the Manassas police considered him a suspect in the death of his former girlfriend.