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Nigeria discovers terror group planning attacks on Jews

By Mason White 8:59 AM February 21, 2013
Abdullahi Mustaphah Berende 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A terror cell that plotted attacks against Jews was discovered by police in Nigeria, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s undercover police unit said Wednesday that they were alerted about a terrorist group backed by Iran, who wanted to assassinate a former military leader and gather information on places frequented by U.S. Jews and Israelis.

The State Security Service, responsible for domestic spying in Africa’s most populous country, gave no details on who actually controlled and funded the group. However, they said they had detained three suspected terrorists, including the group’s leader, before they could launch any of the planned attacks.

“The leader of the terror group successfully implemented monitoring and collection of relevant data operations for possible attacks,” secret police spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, said in a statement. “The leader personally took pictures of the Israeli cultural center in Ikoyi, Lagos, after getting instructions from his handlers,” she added.

The police identified 50-year-old Abdullahi Mustaphah Berende, as the leader of the local sect of Shia in Ilorin. Ogar said that Berende was arrested along with two other suspected members, while another remains at large.

Berende first traveled to Iran in 2006 and studied at an Islamic university, Ogar said. He later returned in 2011 and learned to use Kalashnikov assault rifles and pistols as well as make and detonate homemade explosives, she said.
Berende also received about $30,000 in cash to fund planned operations of the group.