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Matt Damon goes on toilet strike to help global water crisis

By Mason White 6:32 PM February 21, 2013
Matt Damon announces water strike 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A popular celebrity is going on a weird strike in order to raise awareness of the global water crisis, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Matt Damon announced today that he is going on a toilet strike in order to save water.

In a YouTube video of a mock press conference, the Oscar-winning actor and philanthropist announced that he will refrain from using the toilet in order to raise awareness of the 780 million people worldwide who lack access to safe water and the 2.5 million who are without a toilet or sanitation.

“In protest against this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everyone has access to safe water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom,” the actor vowed. “More people have cell phones than toilets,” he added.

The three-minute video is sure to draw laughs, but Damon, a co-founder, who posted the video earlier this week, is taking the matter seriously.

“Does anyone have any idea what invention has saved more lives than any other idea in the history of humanity,” the actor said at the start of the press conference. “The bathroom,” he answered his own question.

The video is part of a viral campaign designed to draw attention to the global water crisis through the website,
According to Damon, for only $25, a person can get clean water for life.

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