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British parliament member declares he doesn’t recognize the State of Israel

By Mason White 12:15 PM February 22, 2013
George Galloway storms out during debate 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A British parliament member stormed out during a debate after discovering that a speaker was an Israeli citizen, according to video uploaded to the internet.

George Galloway, a leading minister for the Left Party, stormed off from a debate Wednesday night at the University of Oxford, after discovering that one of his fellow speakers was an Israeli citizen.

Galloway refused to participate in the discussion entitled “Israel must immediately withdraw from the West Bank” once it became clear that his opponent, Oxford student Eylon Levy, was an Israeli.

Galloway, who represents the constituency of North West Bradford, is an advocate of Palestinian rights and a strong critic of Israeli policies, often referring to Israel as an apartheid state.

He had talked for ten minutes in favor of the motion before handing the floor to his opponent, an Oxford student wrote. However, Levy, a third year student of philosophy, politics and economics, was only able to speak for three minutes before being interrupted by Galloway.

“You said ‘we’,” Galloway said. “Are you an Israeli?” Galloway asked. When Levy said he was from Israel, Galloway stood up, grabbed his coat and as he walked to the door said: “I do not debate with the Israelis. I’ve been misled. I’m sorry.”

He also said that he does not recognize the State of Israel.

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