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New York man dies on his way to his wife’s funeral

By Mason White 7:13 PM February 23, 2013
Gwen and Norman Hendrickson 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man died on his way to his wife’s funeral, according to press reports in New York.

The upstate New York man, who died on the way to his late wife’s death ceremony was buried in a plot next to her on Wednesday, after a double funeral capped the 66-year marriage, his daughter said Thursday.

Norman Hendrickson, 94, a retired assistant postmaster in a suburb of Albany, stopped breathing in the limo on the way to a wake on Saturday for his late wife Gwen, who died earlier this month after suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the daughter of Norma said.

Employees of the funeral home placed Hendrickson in a coffin next to an urn containing the remains of his wife in an observation room while their daughter put a sign up to let mourners in on the surprise.

“Surprise! It’s a double-header. Norman and Gwen Hendrickson. February 16, 2013.”
Norma Hendrickson said that her parents were buried next to each other on the same plot on Wednesday, along with some of the ashes of their late son, who died in 2008, and a watercolor painting of her sister Merrilyne.

Funeral Director Elizabeth Nichols-Ross, a family friend said that the couple laughed a lot and would have enjoyed the irony of the situation, especially Norman, who loved jokes.
“Oh, that does not surprise me at all,” one mourner said after learning of the situation. “He wanted to be with Gwen.”

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