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Egyptian police arrest 4 students after dancing Harlem Shake

By Mason White 6:07 AM February 24, 2013
Egyptian police 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Teens from around the world are enjoying the new Harlem Shake dance but Egyptian teens are getting arrested after dancing the Harlem Shake, according to press reports in Egypt.

Four Egyptian students were arrested in Cairo after recording themselves doing the Harlem Shake while wearing just their underwear.
Police discovered the half-naked students doing the Harlem Shake in public in a middle class neighborhood of Cairo on Saturday.

Their erratic dance moves did not impress the neighbors. An angry crowd tried to stop the students in their tracks.
Due to strict public indecency laws of Egypt, the group is accused of committing an outrageous act, an official disclosed.

A larger team of youth along with a camel managed to record 30 seconds of the dance, despite being harassed by police throughout the recording.

As dictated by the Internet, a solo dancer begins the video in the center frame, enthusiastically shaking around this time in front of the iconic pyramids of Giza. His friend come up behind him, leading a camel and yawning.

But when the beats decline, the video explodes into a mess of crazy costumes, with lots of students dancing.
A naked man appears in this video, too, placed right in the melee in his white briefs, black gold hat and bow tie.

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