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North Dakota hockey fans spotted wearing KKK hoods

By Mason White 8:30 AM February 24, 2013
North Dakota hockey fans wearing KKK hoods 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Several North Dakota hockey fans were caught wearing KKK hoods during a hockey game, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The principal of a North Dakota high school said that appropriate action is taken after three students briefly put on KKK-style white robes and hoods Friday night during a state semifinal hockey game.

The photo caused a stir on twitter when it was published by 19-year-old Shane Schuster, who was sitting with friends at Ralph Engelstad Arena when something weird caught his eye.

“I thought, ‘Are those bells KKK hoods?’ I could not believe it,” Schuster said. “I was very surprised,” he added.
Schuster said he focused his camera phone on those fans and took a picture, then uploaded it to twitter.

Kristopher Arason, the principal of the Red River High School, said that the investigation of the school determined that the students put on the suit right after the first goal of Red River and wore the KKK hoods for about 30 seconds to a minute. The teens undressed after the students were told it was offensive, he said.

“We, as a school, are extremely disappointed with the behavior of these three students,” Arason said in a statement sent. “This behavior is not a representation of our school and the student body,” he added.