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Pennsylvania college chapel hosts masturbation class for students

By Mason White 5:08 AM February 25, 2013
Sex education at U.S. colleges 

By: Moses Gold
If your children studied at a Pennsylvania college, they will know how to masturbate like a pro, according to press reports in Pennsylvania.

A couple of sex educators traveling across the country are teaching college students how to masturbate to achieve maximum pleasure. These educators now set their sites on Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania liberal arts college’s Ford Memorial Chapel students met with sex educators Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, who advise students how to play better with themselves and others to reach orgasm.

The chapel, built in 1902, houses the Catholic mass and other non-denominational weekly services at the private University of Pennsylvania. But the educational event, called “I Heart Female Orgasm”, took over the headquarters, where they were shown a variety of masturbation techniques.

“There are people who find masturbation and orgasm during adolescence, while some people find out later than that,” Weinberg said. “There are people who find out sooner than that. As preschoolers. I was part of the latter category,” Weinberg added.
The University Chaplain, meanwhile, defended the location of the event, describing it as responsible. A campus spokesperson said the event offered a great message.

Miller and Weinberg made headlines last month when it was reported that students at the University of Minnesota would have the opportunity this spring to attend a symposium promising female students to achieve multiple intense orgasms.

The event was organized by the student government and Allegheny Reproductive Health Coalition Allegheny College, along with young feminists, Queers and allies. The research was funded by student activity fees, according to the report.