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Bartender fired after alerting police of drunken driver

By Mason White 5:22 AM February 25, 2013
Drunk driving 

By: Eva Fett
A woman thought she did the right thing after alerting police of a drunk driver until she was fired, according to press reports in Ohio.

An Ohio bartender said that she was fired from her position after alerting police to a drunken customer who left her bar in his vehicle.

Twyla DeVito, who worked at the American Legion in Shelby, told a local television news station, that when she saw Mike Ramey, who is a regular at the bar, was drunk when she arrived for work last week.

When Ramey left the bar, she called police and warned them about a drunken driver at the wheel. Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub said that officers stopped Ramey and he blew a .167 on a breath test, more than twice the legal limit.

DeVito said that her boss called her two days later and said that she was fired for being bad for the business.
“If every customer who comes here has to worry about the police waiting for them when they leave, the place would be empty,” Mic Hubbard, her boss, told the television news station.

Hubbard added that he believes that DeVito did the right thing morally.