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Female judge caught having sex with her client in prison

By Mason White 4:32 AM February 26, 2013
Lisa Traylor-Wolff 

By: Moses Gold
A female judge is facing punishment after she was caught fooling around with a prison inmate inside prison, according to press reports in Indiana.

The Indiana judge and lawyer faces disciplinary charges over allegations that she had a sexual relationship with a client during their legal meetings in prison.

The Indiana Judicial Qualifications Commission has presented three disciplinary charges against Lisa Traylor-Wolff, a senior judge serving in Pulaski and Fulton counties.
Senior judges, who work part-time filling in for trial judges, are lawyers, who are also allowed to represent their clients.

Traylor-Wolff was appointed to represent a 26-year-old man, who has been convicted of felonies and sentenced to time in the Miami Correctional Facility near Peru, the commission said.

While representing the client on appeal, Traylor-Wolff began an affair with the man, engaged in inappropriate conduct with him in a sitting attorney-client visiting room in prison, the commission said.

Traylor-Wolff has 20 days to file a response to the charges. If a violation is found, she could face penalties ranging from a reprimand to a permanent ban from holding a judicial office in Indiana.
The Indiana Supreme Court has the final authority over judicial discipline.

Traylor-Wolff appears as counsel on the website of Leeman Law Office in Logansport. She did not ask to be recertified as a senior judge in 2013, the commission said.