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Yahoo bans work at home mothers

By Mason White 1:17 PM February 26, 2013
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Yahoo has ordered all work at home employees to return to the office or be fired, according to a memo released by the company last week.

Managers and employees are engaging in a heated discussion about the decision of Yahoo Inc. to call back all home workers to the office.

Some are encouraging the decision of CEO Marissa Mayer for bringing all employees closer, while others say the measure is anything but friendly to working parents. Inevitably, Donald Trump has intervened, saying on twitter that Mayer did the right thing by ordering workers back into the office. “She is doing a great job,” he added.

Whatever you might think about the issue, the decision was announced in a press release last week by the human resources director of Yahoo, which also revealed a little discussed truth in many companies, that working remotely has some serious drawbacks, ranging from less confident teams, a greater likelihood of communication problems and a blurred boundary between home and work.

Noting that some of the best ideas come from chance meetings in the hall or around the coffee machine, the note adds that “the speed and quality is often sacrificed when working from home. We have to be one of Yahoo, and that begins with being physically together.”
Several hundred Yahoo employees work at home full time, with many more teleworking some days of the week.

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