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Australian Jews accused of being loyal to Israel

By Mason White 5:15 PM February 26, 2013
Ben Zygier gravesite 

By: Sarah Weiss
Australian Jews are coming under attack from anti-Jewish elements and self hating Jews claiming that a good Australian citizen cannot be loyal to Israel as well, according to press reports in Australia.

Following the publicity surrounding Prisoner X, Australian Jews are being attacked by outside elements and certain fringe elements within the Jewish community on charges of dual loyalty.

The Australian press has been full of stories about Ben Zygier and how he ended up dead in an Israeli prison, reportedly as a Mossad agent. Elements in the country are taking advantage of the stories and are raising loyalty questions Australian Jews have to their country of birth.

Last week, Joseph Wakim, who heads the Australian Arabic Council, wrote on an Australian news site that the Taglit Birthright, which leads college-age students to Israel to become familiar with the country, was an indoctrination program to give Australian citizens an Israeli identity. “When does loyalty to Israel becoming disloyalty to Australia?” He asked.

Meanwhile, Doctor Ben Saul, professor of international law at the University of Sydney, who is himself Jewish, wrote in a popular Sydney newspaper: “When it comes to the truth, the majority of Australian Jews are expected to choose loyalty to Australia over Israel, or even hope that the Australians are our Mossad double agents. Israelis undoubtedly wish to side with Israel.
There comes a point where a Jew cannot be faithful to Australia and to Israel at the same time. You have to choose.”