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Haunted mirror sells for $155 on ebay

By Mason White 7:06 PM February 26, 2013
Haunted mirror for sale on ebay 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A haunted mirror sold for a nice sum of money on ebay, according to video uploaded to the internet.
An antique mirror managed to sell for $155 in a recent ebay auction despite, or perhaps because of claims that it is haunted.

The two owners of the mirror, Joseph Birch, 20 and Sotiris Charalambous, 43, said that they got their hands on the supposedly haunted mirror when its owner put it in a dumpster outside the London home about five months ago.

Since then, the two claimed to have suffered a run of bad luck, including financial problems and disease according to press reports in London.

The two also claimed that since taking in the mirror, they have been awakened screaming in pain and felt a sense of impending doom. They also saw flickering shadows reflected in the mirror, adding that the last straw was when one owner woke up covered in deep red scratches.

The two recently decided to get rid of the bad luck mirror and auctioned it on ebay, but they made sure to fully disclose its weird properties.

The mirror only had one offer for the item and for the price it was originally offered by the two men.
The buyer’s name has not been released.

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