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State trooper fired after making bogus drunk driving arrests

By Mason White 5:41 PM February 27, 2013
Lisa Steed 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A Utah state trooper got slapped with a lawsuit after being accused of making numerous bogus drunken driving arrests, according to a new lawsuit filed in a Utah.

Lisa Steed is currently unemployed after she was fired from the Utah Highway Patrol. She, along with her former superiors, are facing a lawsuit in which some of her detainees claimed that they were arrested on bogus drunk driving charges.

“If we won’t deal with Lisa Steed or other rogue law enforcement, they will just pull people over for any reason they want,” attorney Michael Studebaker, said.

Steed declined to comment, but her lawyer, Greg Skordas, denied the allegations. She is trying to get her job back.
People arrested by Steed said that the arrests disrupted their lives and were expensive to resolve.

Michael Choate, a retired aircraft logistics specialist at Hill Air Force Base, said he almost lost his security clearance and his job.

Steed stopped him because he was wearing a Halloween costume and booked him despite three breathalyzer tests showed no alcohol in his system. Choate said he spent $3,800 and had to take four days off from work to get his DUI charges dismissed.

The 49-page lawsuit includes two defendants, but Studebaker said that dozens of people are lined up and ready to tell their stories. He said they are requesting to expand the lawsuit into a class action lawsuit.

Each of her DUI stops at least since 2006 should be under suspicion, he said, adding that there could be up to 1,500 affected people.

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