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Man smashes store with baseball bat after son buys bath salts

By Mason White 6:24 PM February 27, 2013
Tebb’s Headshop 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man got extremely angry after a store sold his son some bath salts, so he decided to destroy the store, according to police reports in northern New York.

The northern New York man has admitted he used a baseball bat to smash up the shop after his son overdosed on bath salts that were sold in the store.

A local New York newspaper reported that 49-year-old Dan Avery, of Watertown, recently pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for breaking a glass top and other goods at Tebb’s Headshop in his hometown.

Avery said that his 24-year-old son was hospitalized when he overdosed on bath salts, he purchased at Tebb’s. Avery said he went to the store and then “just went crazy” after the employee showed him the products and how to use them.

So-called bath salts are actually synthetic drugs that can mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine.
Avery was sentenced Friday to one year probation and ordered to pay $638 in restitution.