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Police shut down public Pepsi vending machine which dispensed beer

By Mason White 6:02 AM February 28, 2013
Pepsi vending machine among others 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Police have busted a soda vending machine that really was dispensing beer to anyone with $3.00 including young children, according to video uploaded to the internet.

It looked like any other ordinary soda machine in front of an apartment building in Washington D.C., but police said it was not as advertised.

The Pepsi vending machine dispensed cans of beer for $3.00.
When a neighbor alerted police, they searched and found the beer dispensary at work.

If you put in your money, you could buy BI which stood for Bud Ice, BL which stood for Bud Light, or a can of Schlitz malt liquor.

Anyone, regardless of age, could buy drinks if they had the $3.00.
Vanessa Sowells, a local landlord, said that she complained to the city for months.

D.C. police said that another neighbor alerted officials that there were children buying beers, so a police sergeant tested the machine which dispensed a large can of beer and a malt liquor.

Thomas Fernanders, who has two school aged grandchildren living with him across of the alcohol vending machine. He said he had discovered that it wasn’t dispensing soda just two weeks ago.

“If they took a crowbar and opened it, they would see that it is full of beer, so they need to remove it,” he said.
He got his wish. The police called the Department of Public Works. It took six men to move the alleged beer-filled machine.

Police are searching for the owner of the vending machine.

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