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Woman, daughter, arrested for Coca-Cola bottle cap scam

By Mason White 6:21 AM February 28, 2013
Sarah Jones 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A woman and her daughter have been arrested, charged and convicted of defrauding the Coca-Cola Company, through an elaborate bottle cap scheme, according to court proceedings in Oregon.

Now, the Oregon mother and daughter who devised an elaborate scheme to defraud the Coca-Cola bottle cap promotion have been sentenced to probation and ordered to pay almost $50,000 to Coca-Cola.

Carrie Jones, 55, and Sarah Jones, 31, were arrested after corporate fraud investigators followed an unusually high number of bottle cap requests to a computer IP address in Albany.

During the promotion, customers could text a code found under the cap of Coca-Cola products to see if their code was a winner. Coca-Cola usually emailed the holders of the code certain prizes.

Prosecutor Coleen Cerda said that the odds were against the city of Albany, let alone one family, to get so many awards. The competition rules also specify that a person can win only twice and a house only five times during the four-month promotion.

To avoid the limit, the Jones’ made up email addresses using other people’s identities. Rewards Codes were grouped together and sold online on the ebay auction site. The racked up prizes worth more than $200,000.

Sarah Jones pleaded guilty Friday to computer crime and identity theft. Carrie Jones pleaded also guilty to the crime.

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