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Muslims nailed staging Price Tag attack to frame Jewish settlers

By Mason White 10:47 AM February 28, 2013
Muslims staging Price Tag attack 

By: David Ross
Muslim residents in the Palestinian controlled West Bank were nailed staging a so called Price Tag attack in order to frame Jewish setllers, according to a statement released today by the Israel police.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

An Israeli Police spokesman announced that the alleged ‘Price Tag’ action in the Arab village of Kusra last Thursday was not nationalistically motivated, but was fabricated and staged by Arabs for propaganda purposes.

Last Thursday, Feb. 21, the police received a report of six burned cars in the village of Kusra. A blue Israeli identification card was found on site. The media publicized that the arson was the work of Israelis, a so-called ‘Price Tag’ operation, in retaliation of the destruction of Jewish homes the previous week by the Israeli government.

Following an intensive investigation the police have concluded that the arson was not committed by Jews. The police questioned several residents of Kusra, and their statements were not compatible with the findings at the scene. The Israeli ID card belongs to a soldier who dropped it a few days earlier while on a mission in the village.

Aish Kodesh, a nearby Jewish community was implicated by the media in the alleged ‘Price Tag’ action at Kusra. Aharon Katsof, spokesman for Aish Kodesh told Tazpit News Agency that the police’s findings support their claims: “We have stated throughout the entire time that this was a Palestinian provocation against Aish Kodesh.

In the past months we have been assaulted on a daily basis by hundreds of Arab vandals who destroy our property and fields, throw stones and fire-bombs at our homes, causing us tremendous financial loss. Albeit our repetitive requests, the IDF has not provided sufficient security to our families, and we have recently learned that the army has further decreased its presence in the area, which will bring to an increase in the Arab attacks against us.

The solving of this case proves again that the Arabs are constantly trying to stage provocations and their claims are accepted without proper scrutiny.

The damaged caused to the community’s name as a result of the media publications is immense. We hope that in future such confrontations the public will understand that these actions are instigated by the Palestinian Authority in an attempt to establish a new reality on the ground by gaining control of state-owned lands and by besmirching the name of the Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria, but Aish Kodesh will continue to develop and prosper.”

It is of significance to note that in many incidents the Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria are accused of committing ‘Price Tag’ actions against the Arabs in the region. To this date, no Israeli has been tried or convicted on such charges. In many incidents, as in this case, the vandalism turns out to be a staged provocation, local criminal activity or tribal infighting.