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Man holds up pizza shop, steals pizza pie

By Mason White 12:06 PM February 4, 2013

By: Moses Gold
A man walked into a pizza shop with his face covered with a bandana.

He patiently waited for the clerk to make him a fresh pizza pie and he left without paying.

At first, David Randall Lacey, 33, walked into a Papa John’s pizza shop location and handed the clerk a note demanding money.

 His note read “Hey Bro Sis give me what I want and you won’t get hurt OK! Thank you.”

According to reports, the employee behind the counter was baffled by the note and asked Lacy, “What is this?” to which Lacy responded “Just do it.”

The employee opened the cash register and handed him the money that was inside, which was only the total of $24.56, the affidavit shows.

At that point lacy broke into tears and told the employee that he needed money to support his wife and kids. The Papa John’s employee offered to make him a fresh pizza pie, which he accepted. When the pie was done, Lacy took it and left. The clerk called the police.

Lacy, was arrested and charged with attempted robbery.
Interestingly enough, according to police, Lacy does not have a wife and he does not any kids.

It is believed that he lied about his need to support his wife and children, after he saw that there is very little money to steal, just to get sympathy from the Papa John’s employee in hopes that she take pity on him and not call the police.

According to reports, after his arrest, Lacey admitted to the theft, saying he needed money to buy food. He was being held in jail in Lewis and Clark County on bail of $25,000.