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Israeli company shows off new “SmartTap”, controls shower with remote control

By Mason White 8:26 PM February 2, 2013

(Scroll down for video) Every parent wants to protect their child from mistakenly being burned in the bath or shower, so this new “SmartTap” is a patented technology for your faucet that will allow you to control the temperature of your shower and bath, just set it once and it will always be the same.

Unlike the traditional thermostatic taps, SmarTap allows each family member to save his/her own showering preference. 

There is a unique touch button for every family member to activate his / her preferred shower conditions, without the need for any further adjustment.   

You can also select how strong you want the shower to work. In an effort to save water the remote control device will let you know how much water you use during each shower, and then it will give you a total amount of water used by the household.

Companies are always looking for ways to combine technology with their products. Now, your sink faucets and showers can be hi-tech.  

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