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Bar Refaeli kisses ugly guy in an advertisement for the super bowl

By Mason White 12:43 PM February 3, 2013
Bar Refaeli kisses Jesse Heiman
(Scroll down for video) Israeli supermodel, 27-year-old Bar Refaeli, is being featured in an advertisement for the Super Bowl. 
In the advertisement, Refaeli, had to kiss a guy, which one would think would be a sexy guy. But instead, Refaeli kissed an overweight “geek” with curly hair. His name is Jesse Heiman.
Heiman, is no ordinary guy. He is a renowned Hollywood actor who’s appeared in over 130 movies and television shows.
The advertisement was done for GoDaddy, is known for using a sexy girl to brand their website.
In the video below, Refaeli represents the “sexy side” of, while, Heiman represents the “smart side” of When you put both together, you create a company, which not surprisingly, is
The point of this commercial is to emphasize that “when sexy meets smart, your small business scores.”
According to reports, it took 45 tries of kissing before Refaeli, and Heiman, managed to get the perfect kiss that was good enough for the Super Bowl advertisement.

According to reports, the price for an average Super Bowl advertisement is about $4 million. It is up $500,000, from last year, as in 2012, an advertisement in the Super Bowl was $3.5 million.

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