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Israeli company hires Muslims, pays them four times the going rate

By Mason White 1:45 PM February 4, 2013
Muslim women working at SodaStream 
(Scroll down for video) An Israeli company, SodaStream, made headline this week, after their advertisement was banned at the Super Bowl. (Click here to see)
Now, SodaStream, showed off its facilities in the Israeli controlled West Bank. The company has had its share of oppositions and boycotts after they chose to operate their business from a facility in the West Bank.
What people don’t realize is that hundreds of Muslims have the opportunity to work because of the SodaStream factory being located in the West Bank, the company said.
Muslim women do not have much opportunity to work in the West Bank, and those women who work at the SodaStream factory, earn four times more than other women in nearby cities.
SodaStream is a factory that builds a ‘do it yourself’ carbonated water machines. The company prides itself in building a bridge between Palestinians and Israelis.
Even the SodaStream plant manager is a Muslim man named Nabeel Besharat, according to reports.
The company’s CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, believes that his factory is doing a great service in building peaceful relations between Israeli and Muslim adults and children.
“My children are Facebook friends with the children of the staff members in our factory. Before that, my kids did not know a single Palestinian person and vice versa. These relationships are so important because, ultimately, there will be peace among these peoples,“ Daniel Birnbaum said.

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