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Anti-Semitism causing hundreds of Hungarian Jews to flee to Austria

By Mason White 6:42 PM February 5, 2013
(Scroll down for video) Although the Austrian Jewish community is happy to welcome its Jewish brethren, the situation under which the Hungarian Jews are coming to Austria, is deeply troubling. 
The Austrian Jewish community consists of approximately 8,000 people and growing rapidly as they are joined by some 150 Jews fleeing Hungary each year.
Just 70 years after World War Two, when so many Jews were forced out of their homes, it is happening again. For years, we have heard from Jewish leaders “never again” will we tolerate Jews being the targets of hate and anti-Semitism. But sadly, anti-Semitism is back and fashionable, causing many Jews to flee their country in fear of being persecuted.
Hungary, which has a Jewish population of about 90,000, has been experiencing a lot anti-Semitism since the ultra-nationalist party picked up 47 seats during the parliamentary elections in 2010.
The ultra-nationalist party sparked outrage recently, when it asked for a list of all Jews in the country as a matter of national security. Since when were Jews a national security threat? Those in Hungary, who see history repeating itself, are fleeing from the country.
Anti-Jewish incitement has become a daily occurrence, as Jews are being blamed for the financial problems of the county. Many people in Hungary, accuse the Jews of controlling the media in Hungary, and the ultra-nationalist party also named Israel a “Nazi state”, causing local Hungarian Jews to suffer. Israel is still the best place for Jews to live in without being persecuted.

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