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Palestinian television releases music video in honor of terrorist who killed many Israelis

By Mason White 2:58 PM February 6, 2013
By: Moses Gold

Israeli bus exploded by terrorists  

(Scroll down for video) The Palestinian Authority television, has released a music video honoring terrorists who were behind the killing of many Israelis. Some notorious killers, are honored in the video. These people were the masterminds behind the killings of many innocent Israeli men, women and children.

Among those honored in the music video is: Ibrahim Hamed, who is serving 54 life sentences for being the mastermind behind many suicide attacks in Israel, including the suicide bombings at Hebrew University which killed 9 people, Cafe Moment where 12 people were killed, Cafe Hillel, were 7 people lost their lives and at Zion Square in Jerusalem were 11 people lost their lives.
Another terrorist who was honored in the video is Abbas Al-Sayid, who is serving 35 life sentences for being the mastermind in the suicide bombing in 2002, in Netanya, where 30 Israelis were killed while celebrating the Passover Seder. He was also behind other suicide bombings in which Israelis were killed.
Nasser Awais, who is serving 14 life sentence for orchestrating terror attacks in which 13 people were killed, including an attack at a private Bat-Mitzvah celebration, was also honored. In addition to all the people they killed, they left hundreds of people seriously wounded. By honoring blood hungry killers like these, it encourages others to follow in their footsteps, which is an outrage in itself.

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