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See the magnificent Israeli army Mitzvah Tank

By Mason White 4:06 PM February 12, 2013
Silver army tank 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) As I was visiting the beautiful presidential “King David Hotel”, I came across a magnificent piece of Jewish art.

The piece was displayed in a case at the King David Hotel. I saw an eye catching piece of silver, which looked like an Israeli army tank.

The tank is no ordinary piece of silver, as it has all the Jewish holiday items incorporated in this useful “Mitzvah Tank.”
In the video below you can see amazing “Mitzvah Tank.”

The tank contains religious articles that are characteristics of Jewish holidays which include:

Cup and base for kiddush, Shabbat candle holders, a holder for an havdalah candle, a spice tower and a matchbox.

A scroll of Esther case that contains a miniature kosher scroll of Esther, written by a religious scribe, along with a noise maker.

The tank has a full Menorah, as well as candle holders, a container for the oil, two spinning dreidels and a container for the wicks.

A pointer for reading the Torah.

The design of the tank is based on the Israeli Merkava Mark III tank.

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