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Hitler’s sink and toilet on display at New Jersey auto body shop

By Mason White 10:21 AM February 15, 2013
Adolf Hitler’s sink and toiler 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) When he bought his repair shop in 1995, Greg Kohfeldt, owner of Kohfeldt auto repair in Florence, New Jersey, could not imagine that that the toilet and sink that once belonged to Adolf Hitler, would be of interest to many people.

Kohfeldt of the New Jersey garage said that up to a dozen people pass his business each month just to see the toilet, that once belonged to Adolf Hitler. “One pregnant woman asked to take a photo while sitting on the toilet, while others take photos and video of it,” Kohfeldt said.

Kohfeldt said that the sink and toilet were installed by the previous body shop owner in the 1950s. “When I bought the shop, the previous owner told me that the toilet came from Hitler’s favorite yacht, the Aviso Grille,” Kohfeldt said.

The Aviso Grille yacht had over 30 luxurious cabins and stretched 443 feet along the waterline. It was the largest yacht afloat at the time.

Last year, a television show asked Kohfeldt to bring his sink and toilet to London and he did. The show paid for his travel expenses as well as the expenses to ship the sink and toilet to London.

The items were displayed on the TV show, “Four Rooms.” It is a television program where four dealers make competitive offers to buy unique items from members of the public.

Unfortunately, nobody in the program wanted to buy the items since there is no way to authenticate it.

After the show, the items were shipped back to New Jersey. The toilet was not damaged but the sink was shattered into many small pieces.

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