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Television talk show host Bill Maher claims that Israel controls the U.S. government

By Mason White 3:54 AM February 19, 2013
Bill MaherE 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Bill Maher has caused anger by claiming that U.S. lawmakers allow themselves to be manipulated by the Israeli government.

In a segment on his show, Maher, questioned as to why republican lawmakers are not overjoyed with president Obama’s choice for secretary of defense republican Chuck Hagel.

Many republican lawmakers have questions about Hagel’s positions on different issues and they want answers from Hagel.

One of the issues involved is a speech he gave at Rutgers University, where Hagel, claimed that the State Department was controlled by the Israeli government.

When Maher was told that one of the reasons republicans oppose Hagel is because of his Israeli comment, Maher responded: “Based on every statement I’ve heard out of any Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controlling our government.”

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