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Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groom gets Pizza delivery at his wedding Mitzvah Dance

By Mason White 9:38 AM February 24, 2013
Pizza delivered to groom 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Wedding guests were surprised when a pizza delivery man walked into the wedding hall, casually walked over to the groom and handed the groom a box of pizza.

The bride, who sat next to the groom seemed as surprised as everyone else. The groom took the pizza placed it on the table and then went to dance with the pizza delivery man.

It was then discovered that this was a prank set up by friends of the groom.

“Your wife will not cook dinner every night,” the uploader of the youtube video said as the reason for the prank, therefore friends bought him pizza for his first night together with his wife.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish weddings are very different than traditional weddings, as men and women are separated into different sections of the ballroom, because men and women do not mingle.

But toward the end of the wedding, most acquaintances leave the wedding, while close friends and family stay at the wedding.

Then, the women go into the men’s section of the hall, for the last part of the wedding which is called a Mitzvah Tanz. Men and women stay at opposite ends of the hall, but the groom is seated next to his new wife, at the women’s section.

At this part of the wedding family members are honored to dance with the bride, not by holding hands though. The bride and the men dance while holding opposite sides of a long belt.

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