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Chinese Television airs episode: ‘Why are the Jews so smart?’

By Mason White 12:09 PM February 27, 2013
Jews learning Torah 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video)The Jewish nation is a tiny minority in the world. Yet, Jews have contributed a lot to the world with their intelligence.

Why or how the Jews so smart, is an old age question. One Chinese professor, tried to answer the question.

A Chinese television station aired an episode showing a conversation between a professor and a girl. The two were discussing the question of why Jews are smart. The girl wanted to know why she is not as smart as the Jewish people.

The professor told the girl: “it’s because Jews educate their children while they are still in the womb by doing math puzzles,
thereby educating their kids within the womb.”
The girl was unhappy with the answer. “My mother sang to me before I was born,” she said.

“Jews teach their children three different languages, which ​​is something that helps their intelligence greatly,” the professor said.

“Jewish children speak Hebrew, Arabic and English,” he added. But the girl was not satisfied with the answer as she claimed that she also speaks three languages yet she is not as smart as the Jewish people.

“Well, Jews encourage their children to play the violin or the piano to develop the brain. They compete in sports like archery to improve their concentration abilities,” the professor told her.
The girl responded by showing her award she won as the best harmonica player in her school.

When the professor runs out of answers, he told the curious girl that some studies showed that Jews, have a neurological disease, which causes Jews to be smarter than everyone else.

After hearing this reasoning, the girl got all excited. She pumped her fist and said: “intelligence is a disease, I am not sick!”

The professor may be onto something as he claims that brilliance is in the Jewish DNA.

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