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Cans of “fresh air” go on sale in China

By Mason White 8:04 PM February 2, 2013
Chen Guangbiao holding can of “Fresh air”

Millionaire Chen Guangbiao, came up with a bizarre new product, “fresh air” in a can. 

Guangbiao, gave away thousands of cans of air to raise awareness of the air pollution problem in China. 

Guangbiao is an environmentalist who wants people to be aware of the polluted air in china. “If we don’t do something about our air pollution now, our children will have to walk around with gas masks,” Guangbiao said.

According to China’s media, “the air is obtained from revolutionary regions, including Jinggang Mountain, some ethnic minority areas and from Taiwan, and sold for five yuan, or 80 cents each. 
Each can of air contains a chip that will automatically close once the can is full of air. The container looks like a soda can, According to Guangbiao, people can “drink” it or deeply inhale the air. 

Guangbiao, is the CEO of a recycling company. 
He has made fortunes by using recycling materials from demolished buildings. Guangbiao, is known to promote environmental causes. He gave away 5,000 bicycles to encourage people to use alternatives to driving a car.

Guangbiao, is also known as a great humanitarian. After the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, in 2008, he went to the affected area with a fleet of 60 cranes and trucks to rescue survivors. He also delivered cash to those left homeless  and donated more than 100 million yuan or $15 million for the post-earthquake construction.

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