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Company claims businessmen are best customers of its smell proof underpants

By Mason White 8:10 PM February 2, 2013
Woman holding nose

A product that was originally designed for hospital patients especially those who suffer from “irritable bowel syndrome,” turned into an instant hit with businessmen.

When scheduling an important business meeting or a date, one may not be able to cancel, despite suffering from stomach cramps. Yet the bad smell of a fart at the wrong time might ruin things. 

A Japanese company claims it has solved this problem.The Seiren Group, has introduced deodorized underwear that eliminates unwanted odors.

According to the Seiren Group’s spokesperson, Nami Yoshida, it took some years to develop the first deodorant pants that are comfortable enough to use in everyday life, but efficient in the rapid removal of strong smells.

Because of the comfort in wearing them, many businessmen take advantage of them.

Initially, the company thought of selling them for medical reasons, but they were surprised when a lot of ordinary men, including businessmen, bought them, according to Yoshida.

According to their website, The Seiren Group has about 20 locations, with their headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Their overseas office locations include the U.S., Thailand, France, Brazil and more. “Our goal is to create new value, thereby “adding value to people’s lives,” their website states.