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College for female nannies accepts man for the first time

By Mason White 8:15 PM February 2, 2013
Michael Kenny (right) 

In an era where men and women are supposed to be equal, there was still one job that was mainly done by women, a nanny.

A famous British collage that has trained women to be nannies since 1892, has accepted its first man, according to reports.

Michael Kenny, 18, began college where he will spend the next four years among the 47 women, learning the art of caring for children of the rich and famous.
Before deciding to pursue a B.A. Honors degree in becoming a nanny, Kenny, taught English and math to severely disabled children in an orphanage in Uganda.

“I wanted to work with children because I can understand young people better. I find them a lot easier to get along with,” Kenny said.

“I think I want to be a nanny for a few years, but ultimately, I want to teach young children,” he added.

During the past 120 years, Norland university, has trained more than 7,000 female nannies.