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Man sues business owner after wife fell in love with another man at work

By Mason White 3:28 AM February 3, 2013

A man sued his wife’s employer after she fell in love with another man at work.

Ramnath Dessie, filed a lawsuit against FirstBank, in Johannesburg, South Africa, claiming that the bank was responsible for his wife’s affair with another man.

He alleged that the company was responsible for the pain and suffering that resulted from the case because his wife met the man while working at the bank.
The Judge, Willis, called the lawsuit “bizarre”. The Judge dismissed the claim and he ordered Dessie to pay the bank’s lawyer fees and court costs.

In the decision the judge wrote:
“I know that litigants can be imaginative in Johannesburg, but this one deserves a special prize, there’s no such claim recognized in our common law.I am quite confident that no matter how much judges of this division may try to develop the common law, we are not, in this country, going to start allowing awards of damages against employers because people fall in love while they are at work.
This happens all the time. It has happened and will no doubt continue to happen until the cows come home.” Judge Willis wrote.

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