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Great grandma saves toddler’s life by lying on top of him during tornado

By Mason White 12:04 PM February 6, 2013
Zane McFarland in the hospital 
(Scroll down for video) An 80-year-old woman, was found in the middle of the road, holding her great grandson, after a hurricane destroyed their home and sent the pair flying.
A hurricane in Georgia, left many people wounded and at least one dead. Among the wounded was 2-years-old Zane McFarland, and his great grandmother Betty Stewart.
Betty Stewart, was babysitting little McFarland, while his father was out working and his mother was at school. Suddenly, a tornado hit their home. When Stewart realized that her house is starting to fall apart she covered McFarland, in a blanket, and she laid over him to protected the boy with her own body, as the wind swept through, the house ripped out from its foundation and was totally destroyed after hitting nearby trees.
The pair, was found several meters away from where the ruins were located. They were actually laying on a highway. Stewart clung to her grandson, never letting go of him.
McFarland suffered a broken femur and underwent surgery at Erlanger Hospital. He is in a body cast, which he will have to wear for three months. He is expected to make a full recovery. The great grandma’s injuries are much more serious.
Her back was broken in two places and her skin peeled from her hand up to the elbow. She has bleeding in the brain and cuts along with black and blue marks all over, according to her nephew, Kenneth Hayes.
Stewart was being operated in Erlanger Hospital. Her nephew said that she keeps asking if McFarland, is OK.

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