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Boxing match between man versus kangaroo outrages many

By Mason White 3:55 PM February 7, 2013
Boxing match between man and kangaroo 
(Scroll down for video) Animal rights activists were outraged after seeing a boxing match between a human and a kangaroo. 
They have asked people to sign a petition to cancel the upcoming fight between man and kangaroo.
A boxing match which was scheduled between a kangaroo and a man in Oxford, Mississippi, has been canceled due to complaints from animal rights activists.
Oxford Police Chief Joey East, said that the kangaroo, also known as Rocky, will not put on boxing gloves when it visits the “Star Family Circus” this month.
He said: “We have spoken to the owners and managers of the circus and there will be no kangaroo boxing of any kind.”
Animal rights advocates were outraged after seeing the video below, of the kangaroo being forced to fight a man.
The activists, started an online petition to stop the fight on the website The petition referred to images of Rocky the kangaroo, who has been seen in the video below, wearing boxing gloves and shorts, as it was on a leash and was forced to fight a clown in a circus.
“The kangaroo, is repeatedly beaten in the face by a human being,” the petition said. “This is blatant animal cruelty. Cruelty is not entertainment and we will not be allowed in our community. Boxing matches are very stressful for kangaroos as they must be harassed and intimidated to defend themselves in boxing matches,” the petition said.
According to the petition, two other kangaroos that were forced to entertain the circus crowds by boxing, died of complications during the tour.

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