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Man builds cool looking crocodile motorbike that seats 10 people

By Mason White 4:11 PM February 7, 2013
Crocodile motorbike 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A man built a custom motorbike that seats 10 people, allowing him to drive his family and friends around.

A motorcycle enthusiast and mechanic, Pradeep Kumar Mehta, of Amritsar, India, has designed a motorbike that looks like a crocodile on wheels.

At first he thought of the idea to impress onlookers, friends and clients with his ability and creativity. He set about designing a bike that not only looks like a crocodile, but also accommodates ten people.

According to Mehta, it took him about eight months to complete the bike. He bought the bike a year and a half ago for 3,000 rupees which is $56.35. The customization of the bike costs him 45,000 rupees which is $845.

The bike is over a foot long. The bike is 13 and half feet wide and weighs about 460 pounds. It has a crocodile shape “mouth” which opens and closes while in operation, and houses twin headlights. Mehta said he was motivated by the desire to have a bike that would be enough to transport his family and friends on their outings together.

In a country where the vehicle’s fuel efficiency is the first thing one looks at when looking for a vehicle, Mehta feels that his motorcycle is a good solution. “I think a motorcycle should be enough to get us where we want to go without a problem,” Mehta said.

The bike gives 35 miles per gallon and runs at a maximum speed of approximately 30 miles per hour. It can accommodate 10 people.

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