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Amazon announces most romantic cities in the U.S. based on purchases

By Mason White 4:34 PM February 7, 2013
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By: Debbie Gross
Shopping online has become a way of life for millions of U.S. people.

While shopping online is very convenient, it also allows companies to keep track of purchases and where they are shipped to, giving companies valuable information as to who is most interested in their products, amongst other things the data allows for better advertising targets.

Now, has released a list of the most romantic cities in the U.S. based on its sales data of romance novels, relationship books, Kindle books, print books, romantic comedy movies, romantic music CDs and sexual wellness products purchased in the past year.

According to the “romantic” Amazon data:
The top of the 20 most romantic cities goes to residents of Knoxville, Tennessee.
Knoxville, Tennessee, took first place, for the second consecutive year.
For the fourth consecutive year, Miami, Florida, was named “sexiest” city in the U.S., with most purchases in the sexual wellness category.
That title for the least romantic city or the city with least romantic purchases on goes to Boise, Idaho.

Here is the full Amazon list of most romantic cities:

1. Knoxville, Tennessee

2. Alexandria, Virginia

3. Miami, Florida

4. Orlando, Florida

5. Cincinnati, Ohio

6. Vancouver, Washington

7. Dayton, Ohio

8. Murfreesboro, Tennessee

9. Columbia, South Carolina

10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

11. Round Rock, Texas

12. Clearwater, Florida

13. Las Vegas, Nevada

14. Salem, Oregon

15. Erie, Pennsylvania

16. Everett, Washington

17. Rochester, New York

18. Clarksville, Tennessee

19. Tallahassee, Florida

20. Billings, Montana