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Restaurant gives “well-behaved kid” discount to family with three kids

By Mason White 11:49 AM February 8, 2013
Sogno di Vino restaurant 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Have you been to a restaurant where someone elses kids run around or just won’t be quiet? One restaurant owner decided to reward parents whose kids were behaving well at the restaurant.

When Chris and Laura King took their three children to an upscale restaurant. They made sure that their children ages 2, 3, and 8, are respectful to other patrons by sitting nicely and quietly.

The servers at the Sogno di Vino restaurant, in Kingston, Washington, were so impressed with their good behavior, since most children are loud and many times disruptive to others.

The servers decided to surprise the parents and show their appreciation by giving them a discount.
When the King family, received their bill there was a $4.00 “well behaved kids” discount.

According to reports, the proud mother said: “I’m grateful to have well-behaved children, but it does not come without effort, you can get what you put in. We talk to our children about being respectful.”