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Father forces child to shoot 4-year-old sister with pellet gun after misbehaving

By Mason White 12:43 PM February 11, 2013
Stetson Tedder 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after allegations of horrible abuse towards his young stepdaughter.

Stetson Tedder, 26, of Lynnwood, Washington, was arrested and charged with second-degree assault of his stepdaughter and unlawful imprisonment of a child.

Tedder, is accused of punishing his 4-year-old stepdaughter by tying her hands and feet and shooting her with a BB gun over 36 times.

The girl’s grandmother saw red marks all over her body and alerted police, according to reports. Tedder was arrested and his bail was set at $25,000.

According to police, Tedder blamed his son for shooting the girl with the BB gun. Tedder said that his son had received a plastic gun for Christmas and he was the one who shot the 4-year-old girl.

Upon further investigation, the boy told police that Tedder ordered him to shoot the girl as punishment for not cleaning her room.

Shockingly, the stepfather allegedly admitted that he bound the girl’s hands and feet with zip ties and duct tape for 30 minutes.

Tedder “knowingly inflicted bodily harm which caused pain as to the equivalent of that produced by torture,” a sheriff’s deputy said in court documents.

The girl was placed in protective custody. Tedder was ordered to have no contact with minors.

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