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Man’s life saved after sending his dog with a note to call for help

By Mason White 3:57 AM February 12, 2013
Note found on dog 

By: Moses Gold
(scroll down for video) A man was in the woods with his dog when he was wounded. He did not have a phone to call for help, so he used his beloved and trusted friend to go out and get help.

The man’s life was saved after he attached a note to his to his dog, an Australian Shepherd mix named Buddy, and then sent the dog to look for help.

Meanwhile, a woman was walking her dog, along the railway when she spotted the dog with a note attached to his leash. The woman took the note, opened it and read it.

She was shocked when she saw that it was a desperate call for help.

The note read: “Help. Send help. No joke. Cannot walk. Medicine does not work. Need doctor.”

The woman who found the note called emergency workers. Officers who were ready to help had a problem as the note was not signed and it did not have an address or location.

The police, asked people in the neighborhood if they knew who the dog belonged to. Luckily people, have seen the dog in the past. He belonged to a homeless man, who live somewhere in the nearby woods.
Police started searching the woods to find the man, when they came across a tent in the woods and sure enough a homeless man was lying their injured.

“He was in his tent and he could not move. He had no phone to call anyone and no way to reach anyone for help. He was afraid he was going to die,” Detective Jen Kolb from the Tumwater Police Department said.

Police said the note was a last desperate attempt to survive. The man was taken to the hospital where he was treated, discharged and subsequently got Buddy his dog back.

Once again, man’s best friend came to the rescue, thanks to Buddy, the man was saved.

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