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Girl has shock of her life when rabbit jumps out of her school bag

By Mason White 12:25 PM February 12, 2013
Ceri with the rabbit in her schoolbag 

By: Sarah Weiss
A rabbit hopped along to school by sneaking into a girl’s school bag.

Ceri Braithwaite had the surprise of her life when she opened her schoolbag during class and out jumped her pet rabbit.

She was horrified to learn that her pet rabbit had hitched a ride to school in her school bag.

Ceri, 11, from Leicestershire, England, took the bus to school. She traveled three miles without realizing that her rabbit was with her.

That is until she opened her school bag during class and her pet rabbit named Nala, made ​​its appearance.

At first, Ceri was very embarrassed by the incident, as she was as surprised by the rabbit as her classmates were.

“I couldn’t believe it. When I reached into my school bag to get my pencil case, the rabbit jumped out. One girl was so scared that she screamed, but most girls just laughed, but I was so embarrassed,” Ceri said.

“When it jumped out of the school bag, the rabbit was shaking a little, but soon calmed down,” Ceri added.

Nala the rabbit, was escorted to the nurse’s office and Ceri’s mother, Janet Sladen, was contacted to come get the rabbit.