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Man wins $1.3 million after tripping over Gatorade drink sign

By Mason White 7:16 PM February 12, 2013
Gatorade drink 

By: Debbie Gross
Walmart was ordered to pay $1.3 million to a customer who fell at one of their stores.

Tom Papakalodoukas, 41, was shopping at a Walmart in Port St. Lucie, Florida, when he slipped on a Gatorade drink sign, which has fallen from a shelf.

When Papakalodoukas fell over the sign he broke a tendon in his right biceps. He underwent three surgeries and had Achilles tendon from cadaver tissue inserted in his arm.

He also developed a permanent condition called “Popeye deformity” that causes abnormal bumps on the arm.

Papakalodoukas, sued Walmart for negligence as they did not screw the sign onto the shelf correctly.

But Walmart pointed the finger at the Gatorade drink company, claiming that they provide cheap plastic screws, which did not keep the sign in place.

However, at trial, Gatorade testified that if Walmart employees had put the sign up correctly, it would not have fallen. Gatorade, also said that if the screws came loose or were broken, then Walmart was responsible to take care of it.

His attorney, Gloria Seidule, said that his client has not been able to return to work as a manager at a beverage distribution company and he suffers from depression and anxiety because of his health. The cost for his surgeries so far has cost him over $200,000.

The all-female jury set 90 percent of the blame on Walmart. Therefore making them responsible to pay.