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Teenager sentenced for flushing fish down the toilet

By Mason White 6:06 PM February 13, 2013
Goldfish in bowl 

By: John Roberts
A teenager flushed a fish down the toilet so it can swim back to the sea where they belong.

Many animal rights activists agreed with the teenager, as they feel it is unfair to keep the fish constraint to a small tank.

Kevan Fraser, 17, of Scotland, was arrested after he entered a primary school on a weekend without permission. He then took three goldfish from the tank and flushed them down the toilet.

Prosecutor David Barclay, said that the school custodian, discovered that the fish were gone when the school reopened.

Further inquiries were made and it was discovered that Fraser had been at school on weekends.

Attorney Neil Wilson, who represented Fraser, said that when Fraser flushed the fish down the toilet he thought they will make their way into the sea. He was unaware of how the sewer system works.

Fraser was sentenced and ordered to perform 100 hours of unpaid community service.