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Woman drinks detergent from Coca-Cola cup at McDonald’s

By Mason White 12:21 PM February 14, 2013

By: David Ross
A man went to McDonald’s, to buy takeout food for himself and his girlfriend. When his order was ready he took it and left. Little did he know that he grabbed the wrong cup of Coca-Cola.

When his girlfriend became ill after consuming the drink, Mr. Liu, returned to the restaurant to ask questions. An employee admitted that she placed the cup of detergent on the counter.

Liu, took his girlfriend to a hospital after complaining of a burning sensation in her esophagus and stomach. A doctor determined that the woman had erosive gastritis.

McDonald’s in Shenyang, in northeast China, apologized to the customer after she drank detergent left on the counter in a cup where there should have been Coca-Cola.

“This has caused great harm to me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend is still receiving treatment in the hospital,” Liu, who ordered two meals at the restaurant, said.

The restaurant apologized for the error and they agreed to compensate the woman, but the amount has not yet been agreed upon.
Liu wants the restaurant to agree to take responsibility if his girlfriend has health problems in the coming years related to the incident.