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Man opens cafe replica of popular ‘Friends’ sitcom

By Mason White 10:40 AM February 15, 2013
Friends cafe in Beijing 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A cafe owner, replicated the cafe of the popular sitcom movie ‘Friends’ and is now serving people in the comfortable and well-known environment.

If you were a fan of the hugely popular sitcom Friends, you surely remember their favorite meeting place, the ‘Cafe Central Perk’.

One Chinese man who is a big fan of the Friends show decided to create his own ‘Café Central Perk’ coffee shop in Beijing.

Du Xin, loves the show Friends, he said: “I’m crazy about Friends.”
In order to get everything perfect and exactly as it was on the show, Xin, studied thousands of photos of the set and he watched reruns of the show. It took him five months to complete the cafe of his dreams.

But after all that effort, it was a very slow start for the coffee business.

But with the help of the Internet, the news about cafe Friends quickly spread throughout the capital of China and soon the place became a great success.

Customers even started calling the owner Gunther, after the guy who ran the cafe Central Perk in the sitcom.

Reruns of ‘Friends’ are played on plasma screens inside the China Cafe Central Perk.
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