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Teenager released from prison steals bus to get home

By Mason White 2:37 PM February 15, 2013
Jonathan Cole Collins 

By: Shifra Unger
(scroll down for video) A teenager was re-arrested after he stole a bus on his way home from prison.

18-year-old Jonathan Cole Collins, from Georgia, had just been released from prison. He had nobody to take him home so he had no choice but to walk.

When he got tired of walking he decided to steal an empty school bus. The bus driver left the keys in the bus so his substitute drive can find it in the morning. Collins found the keys and took the bus.

Collins was released from prison after serving a sentence for a misdemeanor drug offense. When he was released he started walking home, but he was cold and tired. After several miles he decided to take the bus.

A security camera inside the bus is automatically activated every time the bus is turned on. On the Security camera, Collins is seen getting into the bus, putting the seatbelt on and driving away from the parking lot, while struggling to close the door of the bus.

Collins, drove about eight miles to his house. Then, he abandoned the bus at an elementary school a short distance from his home in an apparent effort to cover his tracks.

Police were able to identify Collins, and found him in his house where he admitted to the crime. He was arrested and now could face a year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine.

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