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Horse becomes expert in picking locks

By Mason White 7:20 PM February 16, 2013

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) An interesting video was uploaded to Youtube, showing a young horse picking different locks.

Horse owners Don and Sandy Bonem, who live in Michigan, said that the horse became an an expert in picking locks because “she does not like being cooped up, so she played with each new lock until she discovered a way to open it.”

The nine-year-old Friesian horse, named Mariska, has been nicknamed “Houdini Horse” for its ability to pick any lock put on the door of the stall, according to the video uploaded to youtube.

“She always played with things with her mouth and then she figured out how to open locks with her mouth,” Bonem said.

The horse, gets out of her stall and goes to get food, forcing the couple to place the food high enough were the horse cannot reach it. They also have to take precautionary steps to keep the horse safe.

Before they leave the barn, they go around to make sure that all safeguards are in place. If one is left open the horse will find it and get out.

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