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Company produces advertisements for doctors that can only be heard with stethoscope

By Mason White 7:28 PM February 16, 2013
Doctor holding stethoscope 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Just like all of us, doctors are overloaded with solicitations from different companies.

In order to get the attention from doctors, one agency came up with an innovative idea: listen to the advertisement through a stethoscope.

Due to the shortage of doctors in Africa, direct mail packages were sent to foreign health professionals, hoping to recruit them to the area.

But the advertisement was not an ordinary book with photos of suffering children, instead it had a twist and had many doctors listening.

The recruitment agency, Africa Health Placements, partnered with strategic branding company, Boomtown, for a creative campaign.

Using the most basic of tools, doctors had to push their stethoscope against the package which activated a pressure sensitive MP3, allowing physicians to listen to the message through their stethoscope.

The end result was the world’s first stethoscope advertisement. Hopefully this novel idea got them the results they were looking for which is to recruit doctors to work in Africa.

One thing the advertisement definitely achieved was winning a Clio Healthcare Award for creative excellence. Clio Awards, are given to only the most innovative talent that surpasses all limits of creativity.

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